Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 14 Report

AT LAST what needs to be done is done!
Everything went smoothly except for the final render which wasn't good because I didn't know that exporting as ".mov" (compressed) from after effects would affect the quality of my animation that later on I also edited it in Premier which was worse when render out again. The sound need to be export separately as ".wav" and for the animation as "TGA" plus a preview "Mpeg2", instead of doing all that I rendered my animation as a single file "MP4" then burned it on disc, but it wasn't the right format for the submission said Jack. So Jack helped me to get the right format and re-render it again before Friday. Later on that day i got my animation rendered and being submitted on Friday. That was the last challenge I guess!
Throughout the year of working on a minor project I've learned a lot, the boring bits, frustrated bits, and lots of fun bits but what important is that my Major Project for next year is going to be an awesome animation!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Production Journal Review (Week 12)

This is week 12 and I'm very happy where I'm at, the animation is locked up by Friday (end of week 12) and ready for some rendering actions over the weekend. Just a few days before that I was experiencing the files being corrupted but I managed to re-do it because I still had some backups at home. So I'll have 2 weeks for rendering and editing, I guess I somehow following schedule even though I hardly check it. The rendering properly takes no longer than 24 hours so that can be done over the weekend and hopefully it'll go smoothly. For the sound design, I have just recorded a bunch of sound such as (screaming) voice of "Jarrod" and recording technician "Josie". I found some free sounds FX online but it's better to record my own because it'll synchronise with my animation better! Overall I think I'm not falling behind or ahead according to the deadline but at least I'm not stressing out. So far everything goes well! :)