Monday, August 29, 2011

How do run a quick render test in maya?

I'm just finished the working with the camera, and now I need to run a quick render test so that I can put it into my running comp in after effects. When I render the current frame everything appears except for the bunny! any idea why I can't see my bunny?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This report covers all the issues, problems and solutions of an ongoing production “Hungry for Mushrooms” 3D animation.

Since the semester restarted I am supposed to move onto post-production stage but there are quite number of major problems that I’m experiencing.

Problems: The character was not fully complete; character’s rig didn’t deform very well as I expected it to be, needed to add a mouth that can open and close, 2 ears are needed to be rigged and deform well.

Solutions: So I had to spend a few weeks ahead just to have it fixed. For the first 3 weeks I started working on re-rigging my character until I think it works fine. Even though I didn’t expect it would take that long just to have it rigged because of many small issues keep appearing. It didn’t go smoothly that I had to try different methods and seek for help from teacher and by the end of week 3 the character is animate able.
While other students start working on their post-production I’m a bit too far left behind still finishing production works.

The old textures on the character which I created last semester weren’t that good. It looks kind of yellowish which doesn’t look standout so I decided to create a new one to replace it and this time I made it white instead and it looks just fine. By the end of week 4 I got it done.

Beside the character I need to worry about the unfinished set. I’m still thinking if I want to keep the old texture or make a new one. The mushroom right now for some reasons I can’t skin it and I need to ask the teacher for some help. The texture for the mushroom is done. I also modelled an extra mushroom that doesn’t need be rigged. This mushroom will only need to bend and stretch, and then I’ll duplicate it as many as I need. For the rigged mushroom I will only use it for a couple of last shots when the mushroom eats the bunny. These are tasks I must finish in end of week 5 so that I can catch up for a bit.

I also started looking at the camera shots and to match up with the storyboard to see what works and what doesn’t work. However I still having trouble with camera setting, so I “Printscreen” instead but I will ask during the tutorial classes.

Other issue would be technical issue; working with Maya in my laptop at home is quite frustrating. It crashes every time when I save it as “.ma” but not if I save as “.mb”. So I prefer to work at uni instead. Sometimes during the tutorial class, I need some extra help but the time is limit and others students need help too. So pretty much I have to give it a go by myself and other than that I would be looking at some tutorials or solutions online.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Camera Shots

Currently working on the camera shots.. even though the set is not fully completed just yet!
So I brought the character into the set just to test the camera shot/angles according to the storyboard.