Thursday, September 22, 2011

WEEK 8: Production Journal Reviews

According to the schedule now is the time that I should started animating. After everything ready by week 7 I started doing the key pose until now. So far so good, now I'm catch up! even though when I look at my production over again, I see lots of mistakes and problems. But I did expecting that to happen and get stuff up, so that the next major project I can do it better.
Right now I'm still getting use to the timeline in maya (linear, tangent, graph editor ect..) I find it a bit confuse even though it seems easy when Jack did it. I want to finish the key-pose by the end of this week but I have to give sometime on other subjects which due this Friday as well. So I decided I'll keep animating through the holiday and "hopefully" I'll able to get it done when uni resumes. If i get it done early I will have time to perfect it plus extra time to render!
And the sound as well, I didn't spend enough time for the sound, until now all I have done is the rough sound track. If lucky enough I'll get it done over the holiday too.
Finally the biggest problem of them all "MOTIVATION"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Bunny Textures!

Just made a new texture for the Bunny, this looks abit too plain compare to last one but i like it because it has some grey colour.

Mushroom deformation fixed!! =]

Spent 2 hours to fix the mushroom to deform properly.. now it's time work on the non-rigged mushrooms.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Camera locked down (Play blast)

Play blast of the camera locked down before bringing the rigged character into the set and animate it for real. However it's not perfect, yet. I might still need to work a bit more on the camera before animating it.