A hungry bunny tries to eat the mushroom and turn out to be the victim.



In the dark outer space floats a tiny planet in the middle of nowhere. Half of the planet sinks into the dark and the other half fills with light. The bunny slowly merges out from the dark to the bright side.


The bunny looks extremely cute with his big innocent eyes and long ears. However it looks unhappy. The bunny jumps around and sniffs everywhere and his tummy starts to growl. He sits and looks down at his tummy then uses his hands to feel it.

His tummy starts to growl even louder. Slowly he stands up and keep jumps around to looks for food. From not so far away he sees a bunch of tiny mushrooms which grow on the ground. He puts on a happy face and jumps towards it.

Once he gets to the mushrooms, he cannot wait any longer because he is starving and desperately needs something to eat.  
He sits down, opens his mouth and the moment when he is about to take the first bite, those tiny mushrooms surprisingly grow into giant mushrooms. They’re huge, many times bigger than the bunny.
The giant mushroom pushes the bunny up into the air he then rolls over a few times when he hits the ground.

He looks up to see what happened. From the distance he sees a bunch of giant mushrooms. His face shows disbelief what happens. He opens his eyes wide and his jaw drops down.
He sees the halo which surrounds the mushrooms. All he sees is heavenly tasty mushrooms. He puts on a happy and satisfied face. He excitingly jumps on top of the giant mushrooms. He bounces from one to another.

A bit later he decides to take the last jump and throws himself high into the air. As he lands on the mushroom he takes a big bite. In the air he opens his eyes and mouth to the widest and as soon as he opens his eyes he sees the giant mushroom also opens its big mouth with sharp and pointy teeth come for him.

His happy face starts to transform into an afraid and terrified face. But it’s too late for escape. The mushroom gets closer and closer. The giant mushroom is disgustingly fast, it snaps the bunny right in the air and the blood splashes out.


The mushroom swallows the bunny then starts shrinks themselves into a bunch of defenceless tiny mushrooms again.