Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WEEK 10: Production Journal Reviews

Over 2 weeks break I continue animating and thought I've done fair amount of works, so I estimated 70-80% of animation but NOOOO! after Jack checked it, now I'm down to 50% :( Anyway I think I got the point, after Jack checked it I see lots of things that can work so much better such as anticipation, timing right, energy etc.
Right now I'm fixing up the timing and getting rid of the floating in my animation. So far I'm quite happy where I'm at now and with all the advises from Jack I'm pretty confident to do it by myself.
I keep focusing on animating and almost forgot about sound design. For sound I haven't done anything except that rough sound design in my animatic long time ago (but that gives me an idea of what my final sound design would be like) so I reckon this week I'll spend a little more time on sound design.
Oh yeah and the textures too! I might come up with the new textures for my Hungry Bunny and the Planet after finish animating.

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