Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Week 14 Report

AT LAST what needs to be done is done!
Everything went smoothly except for the final render which wasn't good because I didn't know that exporting as ".mov" (compressed) from after effects would affect the quality of my animation that later on I also edited it in Premier which was worse when render out again. The sound need to be export separately as ".wav" and for the animation as "TGA" plus a preview "Mpeg2", instead of doing all that I rendered my animation as a single file "MP4" then burned it on disc, but it wasn't the right format for the submission said Jack. So Jack helped me to get the right format and re-render it again before Friday. Later on that day i got my animation rendered and being submitted on Friday. That was the last challenge I guess!
Throughout the year of working on a minor project I've learned a lot, the boring bits, frustrated bits, and lots of fun bits but what important is that my Major Project for next year is going to be an awesome animation!

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